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A good website or a fanpage?

The phenomenon of social network Facebook in the world of Internet marketing has led to an interesting phenomenon of concentration of all advertising activities by many companies exclusively on their fanpage, i.e. on their profile.

A dilemma has arisen, especially among start-ups, as to whether a good website is now only a costly and practically unnecessary investment. Perhaps it would be much more effective to direct the entire budget allocated to Internet marketing to the world's most popular social networking site, which is Facebook? No wonder that advertising specialists loved Facebook - unlimited access to people from all over the world, with various demographic and social profiles, interests and assets. Personal data that merchants are fighting for in such a way can be easily obtained, e.g. by organizing an uncomplicated competition. However, can a company's fanpage replace a company's website?

A website is a necessity nowadays!


It is definitely not possible to agree with the fact that websites are today becoming a thing of the past in favour of modern social media. First of all, many businesses, especially nowadays, rely primarily on Internet sales, which is why a good website is obligatory for them. A vigorously run fanpage on Facebook by a social media marketing specialist is a sensational addition to traditional forms of marketing, which, however, must not be completely neglected.

A good website is much more representative, prestigious and credible than the profile itself in the community. A clear presence of a given company on Facebook, and its complete lack in other places on the web, builds a contradictory brand image and may arouse distrust among potential customers. What's more, you never know when the managers of the power of Facebook will be forced to change their policies for companies, especially in the face of increasing abuse of personal data, and even extortion.

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