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For whom are Google tools?

No matter which industry you operate in, online or offline - Google tools are good for everyone. Because everyone, you too, in order to ensure a better view of the market you have to be up to date with it. The best step ahead of the customer and a kilometre ahead of the competition. So you need to get to know some free and very useful tools created by this online giant. After all, your market is constantly changing and you have to ask questions about what is happening in your industry, with your customers and their money. Here are 5 tools that will help you in all this.

Google Tool 1 - Search Hints

When you type a word in the search box, a list with hints and the number of results on the subject develops. For example, if you type "book" you will see below "phonebook", "phonebook of private persons", "cookbook" and the number of results (pages) on this keyword. Write down these phrases in the notepad, you will use them in the next tool I will tell you about in a moment. When you type the word - in our example "book" and press Enter - you will see a list of results. Roll it down and there you will see "Book-like searches". - Also note these suggestions. These words show you what other things are of interest to Internet users who have typed the word "book". Look for Your niche there.

Google also launched "Wonder wheel". When you type "book" into the search engine and press Enter then when the results appear, on the left, at the top you will see "Show options" and there, in the side panel will be "Wonder wheel". Then you will see your phrase as a thought map which links to related keywords. When you click on these thought maps you will have a pretty neat view of what you want to analyze and the relationship between the words. Keep it for yourself, creating a map on which you can move like a client who is looking for something "around" a particular word.

Google Tool No. 2 - The Advords Keyword Proposals Tool

You know for sure how important keywords are. By promoting yourself to the right ones, you will get to your customers faster. Thanks to this tool you can check which keywords and phrases people use most often when looking for something on the Internet. Paste what you noted earlier, rewrite the code from the picture and press Enter. You can search in a specific country or language (if you want to select more of them, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard during mouse selection). It is important that this tool shows the current data (average number per month, previous month and best month).

Looking at the "Advertiser's competitiveness" rectangle, you can judge how competitive a given phrase is. If the rectangle is whole green - this word attracts a lot of people willing to advertise with it in sponsored links. If white - there are fewer of these persons/companies. Thanks to this tool you can find out how many people are looking for a given word (e.g. a product) and what is the competition on the Internet (in the real world it will be very similar).

Google Tool 3 - Google Insights

You already know what words are most often used by Internet users, which is suggested by Google. You can choose from them those that are interesting for you from the point of view of your business. But it would be worth seeing the history of these phrases. And here you can do it - see whether they are growing or decreasing, what is the annual trend - when there is a "hill" and when there is a "hole". From which region or even city in a given country people ask about them. What they asked about when they were looking for what you gave in the Insights criteria.

Google Tool 4 - Google Alerts

Few people know what alarms in Google are and almost nobody uses it. And it's a very helpful tool that allows you to be always up to date. You simply enter the keywords of your choice, as if you were typing them into Google - you choose what kind of information you are interested in, how often and how much you want to receive - and as much. You check your email - and you get a Web Alert - that is someone wrote somewhere information containing the words you selected, or News Alert - when the words are included in a press release, e.g. from a recognized portal. Thanks to that you can see what is changing in your industry and on the market in the shortest possible time and this helps you to implement an expert positioning strategy.

Tool no. 5 - Google Search engine

Yes, a simple search engine. Few people realize how much it gives to resect only the first page of its search results. When you ask for words from your list, you may not always get a list of links to websites. Sometimes you will see some advertisements in the first three places. Sometimes it will be an online auction or a Facebook profile. Sometimes you can get a map from Google Maps. Sometimes a YouTube video. And sometimes pictures and graphics. Why am I mentioning this to you? Well, because effective positioning of your website in a search engine (SEO) can not always be achieved by a campaign in an expensive agency. Sometimes you just need to add your company to Google Locals, or upload the right video to YouTube.

And still - when you see a lot of sponsored ads on the right side at the same time - it means that competitors have already discovered that this word or phrase is very interesting from a commercial point of view, so don't waste your time and money, just do what Google tells you.

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