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Google Ads in 4 steps

With the Google Ads advertising campaign, you can quickly and effectively increase the number of customers and those who have tried it once know it perfectly well. Almost everyone can run Ads on their own - the problem is not to waste money.

Step 1 - Phrase selection

Starting to create a campaign we already have a set of keywords related to our activity. However, before we use them it is worth to "review" them more thoroughly. Using the "Keyword proposal tool" we test the phrases, ultimately selecting words with a large number of searches and at the same time a low CPC rate, e.g. 0.25 USD.

This tool also suggests synonyms of given phrases, which in practice turns out to be very useful and allows to reduce the cost of acquiring customers. A good choice of phrases is the key to an effective campaign.

Step 2 - Advertisements

Once you have selected the key phrases, you need to create a corresponding advertisement. With the creation of advertising texts we can rely on intuition, but it is better to stick to proven guidelines, which improves the CTR of advertising and reduces the cost of the campaign.

The key phrase we are interested in should appear in the title of the advertisement. The next occurrence of the phrase must occur in the first or second line of the description. The field displaying the address should also contain the phrase immediately after the address of the page. There are a few more strategies and tricks that can increase the CTR, but this is a material for a separate article.


Step 3 - Start of the campaign

After phrases and advertisements it is time to set up the campaign. Google Ads offers us a lot of different possibilities. At the beginning we set the range, it can be the area of the whole country, province or e.g. the city and areas close to it (we define a radius of a given distance). The range is selected according to the activity of the company. Internet shops - the whole country - small service companies - areas of the voivodeship. Of course, ultimately everything depends on what we want to achieve. It is important to set a daily budget limit in order to fully control expenses. For large campaigns it is about 50 USD per day, but there are also effective campaigns with a daily limit of 2.5 USD. Certified Adwords specialists can help you choose the optimal budget.

Step 4 - Optimization and conclusions

After launching the campaign, you should not leave it and wait until it is over, but you need to monitor its progress to draw conclusions. Exclude inefficient destinations in the advertising network and manage CPC rates. If we see that the average CPC is higher than our maximum CPC, we should increase it in order to be sure that our advertisements are displayed. If the Quality Index is equal to or below 4 you should consider why it is so and strive to increase it.

Using a specialized interactive agency guarantees that not a single zloty will be wasted, because the experience and knowledge acquired increases the return on investment - and after all, this is the only thing that counts.

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