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How to earn money on Facebook via the Internet?

The answer is very simple: Where there are people, there is money. Famous brands open their boutiques in large shopping malls, in city centres, because only in this way can they count on high customer visits. Can you imagine that someone opens a shop of a well-known brand in the countryside? It would be rather pointless....

Facebook is more than that....

People don't enter Facebook just to see what's going on among friends. They want to read about press events and talk in discussion soups, and above all to promote themselves and build their image. None of the tools available to mankind so far has allowed for building one's brand at such an express pace. Many people on Facebook are replaced by newspapers, radio and telephone!

How to earn money on Facebook? - Advice for beginners and more:

1. Generate traffic within Facebook through your account, regardless of the type of activity, like, comment, upload photos and discuss with people (but wisely). You can direct such traffic to your websites or affiliate links to increase sales.
2.Create a personal or corporate blog and collect fans.
3. Keep your company's name with a fanpage and collect "likes". (branding).
4.Create discussion groups on Facebook and talk about similar niche or interests. Invite newcomers to the group.

These activities will certainly bring you closer to the answer to the question: how to earn money on Facebook via the Internet.

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