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How to learn how to write? - tips

Writing skills and the so-called "light pen" are not only a matter of talent. You can learn to construct good texts. There are special exercises and techniques to help you achieve writing skills.

First of all: reading

In order to learn how to write, you need.... Reading. As many different publications as possible, but not just simple press articles. It is important to reach for a variety of literature, guides, theoretical studies, trade press. Reading gives inspiration to create one's own texts, broadens the vocabulary, provides role models for building sentences and arguments. It is particularly important to read texts similar to those we want to create ourselves, e.g. a novice author of fantasy literature should read a lot of articles in this genre.

Exercise makes the master

The more we exercise, the more efficient we achieve in building sentences. It is worth practicing by writing posts on forums, e-mails, blogs or journals. It is important to do it systematically. Texts do not have to be long, but they should bring something new, some brilliant formulation, a verbal game, an interesting plot, humour. There are many possibilities, even on the Internet itself.

Criticism enriches

In order to develop as a lyricist, you need to be aware of what mistakes are being made. It is difficult to notice them on your own, so it is worth criticizing - to present your texts to Internet users, e.g. in forums, take part in competitions, express yourself in industry discussions, and even start cooperation with an industry newspaper.

Continuous work

It's not enough to be able to write once and rest on one's laurels. If you don't use it, it will disappear. In return we get something very valuable. We reach a state in which writing ceases to be hard work and becomes a source of pleasure and satisfaction. It turns out that thanks to imagination and the ability to "dress" her in words, we can experience a fascinating adventure.

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