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How to save on heating?

If you were surprised by the first bills for winter heating, you should reduce them a little.

Use a few simple procedures.

Seal your home

If you do not live in a new building with tight windows and doors and you are pressed by the cold wind, you must buy special insulation tapes as soon as possible.

They are inexpensive, and the savings resulting from sealing can reach up to 20% of the cost of heating the apartment.

Savings: 20%

Decoration of the home

This is also very important for saving heat energy in the apartment.

Note: You must avoid covering radiators with decorative grilles, furniture and curtains.

Shelves should be installed on radiators on the walls and not under the window sill, because then you will direct the warm air into the room and not into the ceiling.

Constant temperature in the home

Maintain a constant temperature of about 20-21 degrees Celsius, because when there is 23 degrees Celsius in the apartment and 0 degrees Celsius outside, 15% more heat escapes through walls and windows than when you have only 20 degrees Celsius in the apartment.

If your neighbor is colder than you, you heat his apartment through the wall, and lowering the temperature by one degree will give you 6-10% savings on heating.

Savings: up to 10%.

Avoid moisture in the home

High humidity in the apartment increases the feeling of cold and the need to increase heating.

This can be avoided.

Just don't cook without lids, don't take long hot baths, don't dry the laundry at home. Switch on the electric hoods in the bathroom and kitchen.

Reasonable ventilation of the home

The principle of economic ventilation in winter is very simple.

You turn off the radiator, wait about 10 minutes until it cools down and only then you open the window wide, but only for a few minutes to prevent the apartment from cooling down.

Re-heating to the previous temperature takes a long time and costs a lot of money.

Savings of up to 15%

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