A leaking faucet and a leaking water system are a heavy burden on the household budget. If you want to check that everything is right with it, read your water meter before you use the water and also at least after an hour of no water use.

If the reading is identical, then you can rest easy, your installation is okay, if not then your installation is faulty and you have a leak, and this is a serious waste of money....

Water saving

1. If you are brushing, shaving, always turn off the tap, if you are doing so with the tap open, you may use up 12 to 15 litres of water unnecessarily.

2. Showering is more economical than bathing because it takes less time, is more intensive and requires less water. Dripping the bathtub we will use 200-250 litres of water, in the shower about 50-62.5 litres.

3. Do not flush tissues, paper, waste, or things that should end up in the basket. By flushing them in the toilet, you lose water unnecessarily, and it costs money.

4. Wash only when you have a full load. If the load is incomplete, the washing machine will draw the same amount of water as if you were washing with a full load. Unless your washing machine has an economy washing program.

5. It is necessary to repair taps if they are leaking. Dripping a leaking tap is a loss of 7 litres of water in just one day.


6. When using a shower, install aerator, the task of this device is to aerate the water, so that the jet will be stronger despite the consumption of 1/3 of water. It is also worthwhile to install a thermostatic mixer in the shower, so you don't have to waste water to set the right temperature.

7. The installation of a two-pin flush has a very positive effect, after "less need" we will save on flushing.

8. After the "lesser need" has been dealt with, put a bowl in the washbasin while washing your hands. When you wash your hands, you will be able to use the water to rinse the toilet....

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