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How to start your adventure with Facebook?

You want to promote your shop through social media, but don't know how to do it? First of all, you have to become one of the portal users.

In order to do so, you must select one of the options offered by Facebook:


A profile can be created by any person provided that they are real. I know how it sounds, but in fact it is quite serious. Creating fictitious profiles on non-existent personal data is forbidden and Facebook claims the right to delete such accounts irrevocably. A person with a profile can then create and manage a website for their shop as its administrator.


-add friends, we can form groups and join them, like other pages and offer other pages that we like ourselves (e.g. our shop page).

-we can mark ourselves in the pictures of our friends

-everything that we throw on our board will be displayed on the board of our friends.

-we can talk to friends in a chat and use apps, games and contests.


What if someone doesn't want to create their own profile but wants to create a website for their shop? It is possible - how to do it we will tell you in the next post.

These pages are different from profiles, that they are created around specific issues, initiatives and are aimed at bringing together a group of people interested in a similar topic, etc. The following post will be sent to you. A good example of this is our website "I want to have an online shop". Its fans are joined by people who are interested in the subject of setting up and running an online store, etc.


-if you like, you can become a fan of our website by clicking on the "Like" button.

-fans can mark themselves on photos in our gallery.

-everything we write on the board will be displayed on the board of our fans.

-we log in either through a private account or directly to the website, in both cases we post as a "shop" and not as a person and under this name we add and comment on the entries.

-we can't talk to fans on the chat

-we have the ability to send mass messages to all fans

-websites are a good idea for promoting brands and companies, and Facebook strongly encourages you to promote your own company in this way.


Facebook suggests that groups should be used to communicate and exchange information, but between friends or at least people with similar interests. Meanwhile, many companies use groups as channels for promoting their brands.

The growing popularity of the parties has meant that the groups have taken on such a role - a place of exchange of opinions and views between small groups of friends or people who share similar interests.


-interested people can join our group

-members of the group can upload photos to our gallery, but we cannot mark ourselves on them.

-everything we write on the board is visible on the board of the members of the group.

-we can't take part in competitions, talk on chat

-we place the entries as a person (private data).

Personally, we believe that the best solution for companies is to create social networking sites. They give many interesting opportunities to promote themselves on the portal and maintain constant contact with customers.

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