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Internet store or traditional one?

Nowadays, shopping is less and less popular. People try not to leave their homes, especially in big cities, despite the fact that there are attractive places such as large shopping malls. Shopping is done without leaving the computer.

Traditional store

Shopping is done without leaving the computer, not only because someone is lazy, but because people simply have less and less time for anything - including shopping. Shopping in a regular stationary store guarantees us a close look at the product, smell it, ask the seller questions to which we will get an immediate answer, and of course after buying and returning home you can start using an item that can be advertised if necessary.

However, it should be remembered that if the seller is a reliable store, the complaint of goods purchased over the Internet is on better terms for the buyer than in the case of a normal transaction. Usually shopping is more rewarding than shopping online, but it is still becoming more and more popular precisely because of the time.

Online shopping

Online shopping has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include, first of all, a large selection and price comparison, all in a few minutes, which results in an accurate purchase, but to each purchase should be added the cost of delivery, which is usually not low, as a result of which we can get a purchase in the price of traditional stores and in addition with a few days delay associated with shipping. Moreover, items offered on the Internet cannot be touched, tasted or smelled. Everything is based on the description of the product which is not satisfactory for everyone, because each of us about a given product would like to know something different.

Another feature of online shopping is the possibility of abuse on the part of the seller, who can deceive us and send us a damaged product without the right of complaint, or send us nothing at all, unfortunately, but such dishonest sellers are more and more and more. Although there are allegedly transaction security features and a comment system on auction services, it is more a security delusion than an actual security feature.

Not only auctions

If you decide to buy online, let's not only limit ourselves to the auction site where there is a wide choice, but you should take into account that the auction prices and commissions imposed by e.g. Allegro service are so large that the sellers inflate the prices of goods, which at much lower prices can be purchased in their online stores even by 30%. Every serious seller who is a company that owns an online store, has an account on some auction service - the matter is simple, if you see an item that satisfies us, you can always buy it in the online store from the same seller at a lower price, even by the value of shipment and more.

Sellers always prefer to sell outside the auction. All this is caused by the prices of commissions and listing auctions, the seller prefers to sell cheaper on his online store without paying any commission, which must be added to the monthly billing and taken into account when each time the goods are valued at auctions.

Buy with your head

To sum up, it is good to buy over the Internet, if we do it, we have to be a little bit tired to buy something cheaper. Remember, choosing goods at auction you can buy it cheaper in the online store. On the other hand, buying in an ordinary shop and sometimes in the Internet (especially with large orders) we can bargain, which in effect will give us both greater satisfaction with the purchase and a lower price.

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