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Is my idea for a web portal good?

Today we have a time when everyone has an idea for a web portal and wants to run it online. Quite often a question arises whether our idea makes sense and its implementation will succeed and the project itself will be accepted by the society.


The aim of this article is to draw the attention of the originators but also of the investors how not to bear the losses and to make the invested money translate into success.

We should pay attention to the very assumptions of our portal. Whether a similar portal already exists or not. Half of the success is the fact that such an idea is not yet implemented. However, it is very difficult because we will assume that our idea is already on the Internet and the target group is so wide that we still have a large percentage of users to get for our idea.

Another aspect we should pay attention to is the uniqueness of the function, which distinguishes us from the competition. Our portal should have a number of functions that will distinguish us and give users something more than the competition, it should be light, easy to navigate. As users who do not have much experience with Internet projects, we should pay attention to the ease, simplicity and speed of our basic functionality on which our portal is based.

A good solution is to contact a company that has experience with this type of projects and will support us and translate our ideas into online solutions. Every bigger advertising agency will guide us in a professional way. We should try to cooperate, even though we are the authors of the project and we know best what we want it will not always translate positively. People working in the Internet industry know what not to use and what to use, so that our idea takes on a real look and appeals to users.

To sum up, we have to combine different worlds of our idea with the idea in the head with the one represented by the advertising agency and the one seen by ordinary users, who will be the recipients of our product.

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