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Sense of time in e-mail marketing

Time governs our lives. In many areas, the sense of time decides about failure or success - it is no different in marketing. Email marketing is a branch of marketing, so it also depends on time, as you will find out in this article.

A very important thing when creating effective and high conversion rates for email campaigns is a sense of time. In virtually all email marketing statistics you will find information about when you should send messages to your subscribers. Research shows that the best time to send email campaigns is from Tuesday to Thursday. This does not mean, however, that you cannot send mass mailing, for example, on Sundays.

If you send your emails not in "prime time" you have a chance to avoid the competition, which sends its newsletter in "prime time". If you want to conduct a professional e-mail marketing you must notice such opportunities. The time from Tuesday to Thursday is generally the best for email marketing because, as you probably know, too many people don't like Monday (remember this movie?). After a good weekend, Monday is usually reserved for consultations with the management regarding week-long plans.


On the other hand, Friday is a favourite day for many people, because they are planning a weekend. People often leave work on Fridays beforehand, so your e-mail can be buried in their company mailbox until Monday. And on Monday it will be removed with many others (as we mentioned earlier). At weekends, people usually don't work, but many of them often check their emails.

Apart from deciding when you want to send your e-mail newsletter, you also have to decide how often you want to do it - comlex e-mail marketing must be systematic, but cannot overwhelm the recipient. As a rule, a good frequency is to send e-mail newsletters once a month. If you want to do this more often you should think carefully whether this is dictated by your good subscribers.

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