Do you know what benefits your own website will bring you?

If you have been wondering what your own website can give you, what benefits it brings with having your own website, I invite you to this short article.

Promotion on the Internet

This is probably the obvious factor of having a website - free/price advertising medium. It is enough to promote your website well in the Internet by positioning it in search engines, adding a few articles in well-known websites (with a link in the footer), promoting yourself on discussion forums or using paid promotion methods such as: mailing, advertisements in other websites, etc. The website can be promoted on the Internet, with a link in the footer. Thanks to that, depending on the techniques used, you will get completely free or cheap advertisement working 24 hours a day, unlimited time of emission or space.

Did you know that only no more than 5% of people decide to buy or take advantage of a given offer during the first contact with a given service or product? The solution is also a website - create your own mailing list where you can offer something for free - knowledge, ebook, discount, product - thanks to such a mailing list you will be able to promote news, inform about events, sell.... It means simply maintaining customer relations and it's completely free of charge.

Competition already has a website

You think to yourself: what about it? Look at it this way, if someone is looking for a product or service that you provide, where will they look? To the phone book? Does anyone still use it at all? They'll probably look at the Internet and if you're not there, you'll fall out of the game.

Do you run a pension? Someone who goes on holiday is looking for information on the Internet. They want to see what the pension looks like, what it offers, what prices, what surroundings, no one will want to waste time calling and asking for exemplary photos, prices, etc. It will compare several guest houses, hotels, hostels on the Internet and will call the selected one, if you can't find you on the Internet, then you don't exist for a potential customer.

In addition, the website convinces you of your professionalism. Aesthetic and legible website will allow future customers not only to get to know your company, but also to increase the credibility of your company and get the title of a professional.

Let the Internet user know that you exist!


Act 24/7!

The website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It provides information about your company, which saves your time. If you receive a lot of questions about a product or service you offer and these questions are repeated, let your free employee who works non-stop without rest answer them. Simply post a FAQ on the website, i.e. the answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can also sell goods or services every day at any time. Create an online shop or post a contact form through which you can order the service. Present your goods and services when you rest or write down yourself. Let the website work for you!

Is it possible to afford a lack of your own website with such blunt arguments? I think you can answer this question on your own, right?

I focused here on the company, but of course the rules apply to companies as well as institutions or music bands, as well as all kinds of groups and organizations.

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